Webinar: Studio Suite Xi and NAB Recap

Missed us at NAB 2014 or couldn’t make it to our webinar? Take a look at what you missed in our video replay!

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AlterMedia, Inc. Announces Internet-Accessible Studio Suite Xi

April 2, 2014

Burbank, CA – AlterMedia announces Studio Suite Xi, the latest update to its leading studio management software. Xi provides users global access to mission-critical information via web browser and iOS devices.

AlterMedia is showcasing this latest development at NAB in Las Vegas, April 7-10, booth SL7424, and expects to be available for purchase within Q2.

“The release of FileMaker 13 and its WebDirect technology allows us to provide a convenient browser interface to our proven & established workflows,” says AlterMedia CEO Joel Stoner. “We’ve incorporated many additional features into Xi, focusing on ease-of-use and extended functionality to a greater number of devices. With this increased accessibility and great new features, we’re looking at significant growth in second and third quarter sales.”

Studio Suite Xi new feature-set includes:

Access to view, edit, and create data via web browser.
Completely rebuilt, faster calendar.
Vastly improved media asset management, including automatic storage of media assets on a shared server, linked to Projects, accessible from anywhere, etc.
New light & modern appearance.
Major enhancements to Production Budgeting & Reporting, especially for AICE and AICP Budget templates.
New “Project Groups” feature allows cross-grouping of related Projects for budgeting and actualizing purposes. Includes Summary reports for Internal and Client use.
Includes all AICE & AICP items with Summary Codes, and now corresponding Rates.
Exports AICE & AICP sheets to Excel.
Call sheets.
Ability to edit Project-Event items ‘in-line’ without opening the Edit Event window (ie., edit Event dates, times, status directly from Projects).
Operators added to Project Event Resources are:
a. Shown in Projects as Resource ( Operator ).
b. Included in Calendar Views under their own row.
c. Included in Personnel Reports.

Rebuilt QuickLog module makes it easier to quickly add multiple items to multiple Projects.
Projects contain calculated (based on actual bookings) and human defined Start and […]

Join us at NAB!

Don’t miss us at NAB – we definitely have something cool to show you!! We’re in booth SL7424, which is in the South Hall, Lower Level, just at the bottom of the ‘half way’ stairs.

Here’s a link to free passes on us (the link will work until March 21):

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AlterMedia Identifies a Common Business Trend Affecting the Entertainment Industry

An increasing amount of ‘non-media’ businesses are becoming more self-sufficient on the media frontier. First, we saw this trend happen with computers. Companies that had one or two computers would outsource their maintenance and repair jobs to outside contractors, but gradually IT departments started springing up in every business.

Now many of the companies of varying sizes have their own in-house team to produce video content for a variety of purposes. These videos can range from marketing, training, corporate communications, to full on advertising, depending on the company. According to Forest Bronzan at Video Aptitude, “Zappos (an online shoe retailer) is a great example of a company needing tens of thousands of product videos and taking the plunge to fulfill this on their own.”( And in an article written for the Style section of The Washington Post, Paul Farhi stated, “Dozens of companies, including Boeing, General Electric, Pepsi, American Express and Verizon Wireless, are becoming their own publishers, creating and distributing “content” — articles, videos, photos — that would be right at home in a traditional newspaper, magazine or TV program.” (

This trend greatly affects the post-production industry and knowing a bit more about it can help those businesses modify their marketing strategy.

Companies are more media-centric now
If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that everyone is watching. Any marketing person worth their salt takes advantage of that. All companies need to have a media presence to control the message about them that is bound to be out there.

Because they can
Video production equipment is cheaper and more people know how to use it, companies can hire folks for a variety of tasks including a little video filming and editing on the side. Some companies have […]

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Five Tips for Increasing Studio Efficiency and Profitability

All businesses need to run efficiently and sustain a high level of profitability or they will die. In the ever-changing entertainment industry this is true on so many levels. The competition is stiff and if your studio isn’t up to snuff, you will be quickly replaced by one who is. The following are some tips that are true for all kinds of studios: from post-production, production, music, vfx, to sound mixing, and on, the principal is the same.

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January 24, 2014 – Studio Suite X SOLO Now Available!

Burbank, CA
In conjunction with NAMM, and following up on the release of Studio Suite X 10.1, AlterMedia Inc announces Studio Suite SOLO, the latest version of their leading Studio Management Software. SOLO is aimed at freelancers, home studios, hobbyists & students that desire a full-featured studio management software that they can grow into, at a price they can afford.

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December 16, 2013 – Studio Suite X Updates to 10.1

Burbank, CA December 16, 2013

AlterMedia, Inc. announces a significant update to Studio Suite X (v10.1). Extending upon its established workflows for audio/visual post-production management, this release supports the needs of production companies by bringing into focus production budgeting and AICE/AICP templates that role up into actualized summary reporting, then out to invoices. (more…)

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April 17, 2013 – Joel Talks at NAB 2013

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April 8, 2013 – Check us out in POST!

Post Magazine has just published a great review of Studio Suite X in the April ’13 issue. Please check it out!

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April 8, 2013 – New Site!

We have a newly re-designed Site! Tour around and let us know what you think!

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