Propel your business in high-definition with Studio Suite X

Studio Suite is the leading studio management software, meeting the fast-paced demands of thousands of users in post-production facilities in over 40 countries. Current customers include Sony, Warner Bros., Fox, ABC, NASA, Microsoft, in addition to hundreds of small boutique & corporate in-house production companies. Collectively, they deliver massive quantities of content, on time and on budget.

Studio Suite X offers a platform available for any company to build upon. We all know that time is money. Return on investment (ROI) and your bottom line matter. The more seamlessly you operate your facility using shared, real-time data, the less time your team will spend searching thru old calendars, files, misplaced information, and random post-it notes.

Streamline your business with Studio Suite and increase productivity across the board. No other product offers such a broad feature set at such a reasonable price point. Proper planning, budgeting, tracking, and communication ultimately lead to superior execution, repeat customers, and solid growth. That’s what we’re all about.

Improve efficiency with this “all-in-one” organizational solution.

We all know that time is money. Return on investment (ROI) and your “bottom-line” matter. The more seamlessly you operate your facility using real-time data, the less time you will spend looking for old calendars, records, lost information, and notes. Streamline your business with Studio Suite, and increase productivity across the board. No other comparable product brings forth such a broad feature set at such a reasonable price point.
Proper planning, tracking, and communication ultimately lead to excellent execution, happy customers, and client retention.

How do you define your business?

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  • The office group automates all of your daily office activities. The powerful Contactsmodule displays linked information about each contact, including past and current projects, invoices, financial history, reels, titles, and communications. No other contact manager is so uniquely designed for the audio/video/media production industry.
  • The Communications module stores a complete history of calls, letters, faxes, emails & messages. Create hierarchical, expanding/collapsing “packages” for Calendar booking and Project management with point-and-click ease, or add blank media and equipment directly to a project via click or via bar code. Studio Suite automatically fills-in dates, times, rates, and more.
  • See all of your scheduled projects, rooms, equipment, people, and media (or just a single project) by month, week, or day in color- coded, Traditional and Linear Calendar views. Rescheduling is now as easy as drag and drop.
  • Track all information related to each project in the Projects module, including Budget (Bid/Quote) and Actual Charges and Expenses (and the Difference), Profit/Loss per project and per line item, as well as talent, setup info, and media asset management. Attach external, digital files (Avid®, FinalCut®, ProTools®, MS Word®, Photoshop®, etc.) to any Studio Suite Project, Contact, Library, Room, Title, or Recall record, enabling the User to completely document and interconnect all aspects of a project in one place.
  • From each project you can create, view, edit, and jump to every session, event, reel, title, invoice, or attached data file. Print or email Work Orders to all project personnel. Make detailed Invoices with a simple click, then print or email them directly from Studio Suite, or transfer them to QuickBooks® via XML. The Petty Cash module allows cash expenditures to be assigned to a project, making office record keeping quick and easy. Your Media Inventory reconciles automatically, alerting you when stock is low. It’s easy to order more with the built-in Purchase Orders module. Generate bar code labels in the Bar Codes module for equipment and media, making the task of tracking inventories and releasing (or preventing the release of) client materials a breeze.
  • The studio group keeps track of everything in your studio environment. The Events module documents what happens (setups, breaks, etc.) during each individual session, and generates all the necessary paperwork, if you still insist on using paper.
  • The Library module logs and stores the contents of all reels and hard drives in a searchable database. Attach playable audio or video files to a reel. Automatically generate automatic or custom labels for every kind of media, complete with your logo and other important details such as formats, time codes, bar codes, etc. Track Quality Control per reel and per title. Create track sheets, locates, lyric sheets, take sheets, and storyboards in the Titles & Tracks module, and even record a snippet of the audio or video for quick auditions.
  • The Recall module has drawings for 140+ of the most common pieces of audio outboard gear. Your settings, patches, and any notes can be documented on-screen, saved for future reference, or printed. Track all of your audio samples and video clips in the Samples & Clips module, and track usage by linking them to reels or titles.
  • The tech group keeps track of the Rooms in your facility, their phone extensions, power outlets, breakers, and pictures. Link each piece of Equipment to a Room, along with details like serial numbers, costs, connectors, etc.
  • The Library module can link “reels” to specific hard drives in Inventory to track location, usage, and remaining capacity, even while they’re offline.
  • The Maintenance Log generates and stores a history of every repair done to each piece of equipment, how much it cost, what parts were used, and more. Document every detail you can imagine, and a total value is compiled, including repairs and maintenance costs.
  • Track your inventory of spare parts, what they belong to, and how much they cost from different vendors in the Parts module.
  • And finally, now you can easily create and print professional labels for all the common patchbay sizes, brands and models with the Patchbay Labels module.