We’ve devised a number of Service Offerings, customized to your needs to help you get up and running in the least amount of time.

Jump Start (free)

From your initial demo download, speak directly to a Tech Support Agent to make sure you’ve got everything installed correctly, and for a quick overview of the system and answer basic questions. We want to get you up and running and ready to purchase!


Webinars & Short “How To” Videos (free)


We’ve recorded a series of 60-90 minute Webinars here that go into detail on various Studio Suite topics. If you are on our emailing list, you’ll receive an email when new webinars are scheduled. We are also developing a series of short “How To” videos on narrow topics that get right to the point. We are constantly expanding this content.

Annual Support ($)


Studio Suite is a large (but friendly!) animal. It can be hard to know, or remember all the nooks and crannies, but we do! Companies on Annual Support have unlimited emails and phone calls lasting up to 15 minutes to get you over whatever hurdle you’ve got at the moment. Maybe you need to customize the invoice print out, or you forget how to create a new User Account on the system, or you’re puzzled by something. Call into Tech Support and get the answer.

Hourly Training ($)


Some people love to read manuals (like the 500+ page .pdf that comes with Studio Suite!), and then there’s everyone else…. You may have a crew of people that need to be fluent with Studio Suite, and they’re just not gonna wade thru a manual. We can schedule a sequence of trainings via Remote Desktop to get the different groups of people (Owners, Managers, Schedulers, Accountants, Techs, Editors, Engineers, Receptionists, etc), thru the parts of Studio Suite that they need to know about, and nothing more.

Turnkey Setup ($)


Once you’ve made the purchase, our Support Engineers are available, either at your location or via remote desktop access, to work with your team to assist in the installation, setup, import of existing data, implementation with existing systems, customization, and training. If this would be helpful to you, purchase time units in either hours or days, depending on the size of your organization and the complexity of your workflow. You’ll be miles ahead compared to a DIY approach , and as an added bonus you’ll receive our Platinum Support from that point on.

Consulting Services ($)


Our customers are creative – thankfully! But that can sometimes make fitting a longstanding, evolved, creative, unique, workflow into the confines of a ‘database’ a bit awkward. We’ve worked with over a thousand creative businesses, consulting and coaching them, and very often doing custom development based on Studio Suite as a starting point. The mandate is to give order, structure, process, and accountability to what had might have been bordering on outright chaos. We will listen, observe, consult, guide, and if needed, program our way to you having a more productive organization!


These services can be mix & matched to suit your needs. Ask your sales agent for more information.