What’s new in Studio Suite X?

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New Features!


  • NEW iPad & iPhone apps that create and edit data (Network & Internet versions only).
  • Now tracks change history with the Audit Log.
  • Slick new interface with changeable Main Menu skins.
  • Integrated SMS messaging.
  • Push notifications.
  • Integrates with:
  • Google Calendar
  • QuickBooks Online (PC only)*
  • MYOB*
  • AddressBook*
  • Outlook*
  • Active Directory
  • Download only distribution of SSX gets you up and running sooner.
  • Searchable PDF manual with tips and mini lessons.
  • SOLO version available to hobbyists, students, and individuals.

*Feature requires an additional plug-in purchase.

By Module:


Contacts Module

  • Supports an (essentially) infinite number of phone numbers and emails per contact.
  • Allows user to define who can use what equipment with Resource Permission Groups.
  • Contacts can have Rate Cards (new) assigned to them for specialized rates.
  • Initiates Skype calls.
  • Sends SMS messages.
  • Automatically displays content from Google, Google Maps, IMDB, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  • Bookable contacts can be specified as a person or company.

Projects Module

  • Completely revised “Budget” and “Actual” structures, now “separate but linked’.
  • Deeper integration with Budgets, Petty Cash & Purchase Orders modules.
  • “Multiplier” field per line item adds additional pricing, discount, & quantity flexibility.
  • Quick hierarchical menu-based method of adding items.
  • Improved “Rental” workflow & functionality.
  • Revised navigation between views.
  • Allows the user to factor in resource permissions of a client.
  • Add Items screen now includes Quantities and Rates for quicker budget building.
  • Improved sorting, hierarchy management and printing.
  • Added color-coding for Project identification in a Production timeline.

Calendar Module

  • Syncs to Google Calendar!
  • Displays by Client, Resource or Project.
  • The Web Glancer calendar now shows a weekly “resource-based” calendar.

Library & Tasks Module

  • Disklog gathers more meta-data than before, including IPTC, XMP, EXIF, GPS, URL, Description, Duration, Timecode (begin & end).
  • DiskLog is now in Titles as well.
  • Deliver files listed within DiskLog via FTP.

Purchase Order Module

  • Now allows an (essentially) infinite number of line items.
  • PO Line Items can now become Project line items individually (as well as the entire PO).
  • Calculates both ‘markup’ and ‘margin’ formulas (user definable) when adding to Projects.

Web Request Module

  • Allows clients to make requests for studio time over the internet via web browser. Requires Network or Internet versions.
  • Allows clients to select specific resources as part of their request.
  • Improved screen layout

Productions Module

  • Can now view all related Project Events collectively from within Productions module.

Employee Scheduling Module

  • Includes color-coding for schedules – Work, Vacations, PTO, Illness, etc.

Budgets Module

  • Deeper integration with Projects and Production modules.
  • User-definable Templates.
  • New links to the Rates module for default Rates.

Tasks Module

  • Provides assignment of Tasks to multiple people, groups, or all people with a specified title.
  • Emails Tasks directly from Studio Suite.

Invoices Module

  • Adds exports to QuickBooks Online Edition (PC only) and MYOB/AccountEdge to existing QuickBooks Mac, PC, and Enterprise export functionality.
  • Allows for QuickBooks accounts with names or numbers in export.

Rates Module

  • Allows the user to create Rate Cards for specialized rates.
  • Rates can have a default ‘Action’.
  • Special “Child Item” rates allow for different pricing when used within packages.

Equipment & Maintenance Modules

  • “Collection” and “Pool” options better handle rental workflow and large quantities of like-kind equipment.
  • Automatic ROI calculator, based on usage of each item.
  • Equipment depreciation schedules & reports.
  • Manages Equipment usage with specified.
  • Resource Permission Groups.