Studio Suite X comes in three versions, as well as accompanying comprehensive support:

 Version SOLO Pro Network
Single-user only X O O
Expandable O X X
Networkable O Limited X
Customizable O X X
Requires FileMaker Pro O X X
Includes FileMaker Pro O X X
Includes FileMaker Server O O X
Includes FileMaker Server Advanced O O O
Maximum Bookable Rooms 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Bookable People 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Equipment 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Employee Scheduling O X X
Web/Browser Accessible O O O
iPhone Access O O X
Designed for a personal studio with one room, up to 100 pieces of equipment, and 5 bookable staff. Non-customizable. Single-user only. Does not include Web or iPhone access. Designed for a small professional studio. Does not include Web or iPhone access. Can upgrade to Network and Internet versions. Designed for facilities with multiple users. Additional seats and bundles of 1, 5, 10, 15 & 20+ seats available. Includes iPhone access to the Calendar and Contacts modules. Upgradable to Internet version.
Support Programs

1-year Support Program:
20% per year (12 months)

2-year Support Program:
15% per year (24 months)

Telephone, email, and remote desktop guidance with:

  • Free general support calls.
  • Software installation.
  • Security configuration.
  • Server back-up schedules.
  • Basic data conversion.
  • Basic customization.
  • Basic troubleshooting.