What is Studio Suite?

Studio Suite is the leading studio management software, meeting the fastpaced requirements of over 6,000 users in production facilities in over forty countries. Collectively, they quote, schedule, produce, finish, and deliver massive quantities of content, on time and on budget.

Studio Suite tracks and manages contacts, resources, schedules, projects, budgets, invoices, media assets, labels, equipment and media inventories, communications, maintenance, and much more…all in one comprehensive, customizable, cross-platform package.

Studio Suite X features a completely revamped appearance, access via iPhone and iPad, integration with Google Calendar and QuickBooks Online, push notifications, and many additional workflow enhancements.

How much?

Studio Suite starts at just $699. We also offer Studio Suite bundled with FileMaker 13 (required). You can call us at 1.800.450.5740 (or +1.818.955.9550 outside the US and Canada) to place an order with a human.

Considering all that it does, why is it so affordable?

Studio Suite does much more than the applications designed for this industry that cost $3,000 to $30,000. Our goal was to develop and provide a “standard” software for the professional, multi-room corporate media production industry, while making it affordable to the much faster growing market of project studios. We help the project studios by providing professional quality tools for growth, they help us by buying Studio Suite en masse. Quantity can pay for quality, while additional services, such as onsite installation, setup, training, and customization can be purchased ala carte. As the leader in 40 countries on 6 continents, so far so good…


Studio Suite is not only cross-platform (Mac / PC), but cross-platform networkable. As mentioned above, Studio Suite comes with a license for 1 seat, additional network seats can be purchases from our Purchase page at a significant discount. If you will be using Studio Suite on 2 or more client (guest) machines, we strongly recommend you also get the FileMaker Pro Server application, which will provide greater network performance, tools, a specialized backup utility, and the capability to connect up to 250 users (FileMaker Pro is still required on the client machines).


Annual Support Plans are available. Please contact AlterMedia for info. 1.800.450.5740 or +1.818.955.9550 outside the US and Canada.

Can I tweak it?

For those familiar with FileMaker Pro, Studio Suite ships with full access to Layout Mode and ScriptMaker in most files, allowing you to go in and change the fonts and colors, edit the screens and printouts, and create your own buttons & scripts. “Define Fields” and “Define Relationships” is locked out for safety reasons. If you get too “creative” and break something, we’d naturally need to charge for the repair.

But I need some special things, I’m not a computer geek….

No problem, we can take care of any customizations you may need! We also offer onsite installation, setup, training, and customization services. We can even build you a completely customized version of Studio Suite if you want. Call 1.800.450.5740 (or +1.818.955.9550 outside the US or Canada) for more information.

Can I import data from Excel™ or other databases?

Yes, as long as they will export to a common file format (most programs will). We can do this for you if you don’t want the headache.

We’ve been using Archie or Session Tools (or my own FileMaker creation), can you move data move from there into Studio Suite?

Yes, we can do this on a custom basis for you.

Can I export data to my accounting program?

Yes. Studio Suite X includes an automated export to QuickBooks via an XML interchange plugin called FileBooks. This plug in is available for an additional $199. You also have the ability to (manually) setup customized export formats for whatever program you’re using.

Bar Codes?

Yes! You can scan media in and out of the studio via barcode (generating release forms), or you can add Media or Equipment to a Project by scanning a barcode. This requires a bar code reader. This version of Studio Suite generates barcodes internally, so no 3rd party font is needed.

International currency symbols and taxes?

Studio Suite has a definable currency field- set it once and all currencies will have that symbol. As for taxes, Studio Suite can accomodate up to 3 taxes, which can be defiined to calculate after the first one (as in Canada). So far, we have found that these adjustable paramaters meet everyones needs.

I’m famous- can I get a discount ? (you’d be suprised…)


I schedule 20 rooms (music, post, scoring, on line / off line editing, graphics, DVD production, games… ) can it do that?

Yes- that’s what it’s designed for!

I have a simple one room project studio- I don’t need all those features!

Actually, Studio Suite was originally designed (and priced) for smaller studios, but along the way the big studios found out about us and started using Studio Suite too. So we kept the low price and added all the features the big studios asked for, and the project studios reap the benefit of using a superior, standardized product with plent of headroom to grow into. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Big studios have lots of people to take care of all the details, but you have to do it all yourself. Why not use great software to make your life easier, and run like the pros while you’re at it! Studio Suite makes running a studio fast, simple, and efficient, so it’s actually perfect for a one man show!

What’s AlterMedia?

AlterMedia is interested in… altering media. We manage the process of changing media materials from nothing to something.

AlterMedia reserves the right to change or modify Studio Suite and the policies relating to it without notice. AlterMedia is not affiliated with the FileMaker Corporation.

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