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AlterMedia Announces New Partnerships, Features at NAB 2015

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Kevin M. Bourke, BourkePR
Phone: (508) 259-6018
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NAB 2015 – Booth #SL10012

AlterMedia Debuts Powerful New Features
of Studio Suite Xi, Announces New Partnerships at NAB 2015

 Studio Suite Xi Now Integrates with Aspera and FileCatalyst for Accelerated Digital Asset and File Transfers

Burbank, CA (April 8, 2014) – AlterMedia ( will debut key new features for its powerful studio management software, Studio Suite Xi,  in its booth #SL10012 during NAB 2015 in Las Vegas next week. The Company is also announcing new integration partnerships with Aspera and FileCatalyst that will significantly enhance the studio management workflow for Studio Suite Xi users.

Aspera is an IBM company that develops patented, efficient bulk data transport technology. With this integration partnership, Studio Suite Xi customers can now send and receive large data and media asset files using their Aspera Connect accounts.

“Aspera’s mission, at its core, is about helping our customers move large data files at unprecedented speeds regardless of file size or network conditions. Partnering with AlterMedia in support of Studio Suite Xi at NAB 2015 demonstrates that mission perfectly,” said John Wastcoat, vice president of business development for Aspera. “By enabling Studio Suite Xi users to leverage Aspera to move their most valuable assets through our systems, we’re helping to add significant value to the post production and studio management environment.”

FileCatalyst is an Emmy Award-winning developer of accelerated file transfer solutions. Integration of FileCatalyst with Studio Suite Xi will enable accelerated, reliable and secure files transfers for media professionals. Now Studio Suite Xi customers can seamlessly send and receive files using their existing FileCatalyst Direct accounts.

AlterMedia CEO Joel Stoner will be speaking about this integration at the FileCatalyst booth (SL8508) on Tuesday April 14 at 12:30pm.

What’s New in Studio Suite Xi at NAB 2015

During NAB 2015, AlterMedia will debut a number of additional new features that significantly enhance the studio management workflow. New features to be showcased at NAB include:

  • Charting: From Productions and Projects, you can now view clear, dynamic, up-to-the-minute charts showing Budgets versus Actual, Profit versus Loss, breakdowns of each by Category, and Project statuses;
  • Ability to Upload, Monitor and Graph Video Play Counts: Studio Suite Xi can now upload videos to YouTube, FaceBook, Wistia, or self-hosted files and can be automatically monitored, logged, and graphed within Studio Suite in relation to the actual physical or digital media asset it was sourced from, all of which is also connected to the related production information;
  • New Task Timers: It’s now possible for a user to start/stop tasks or processes and have Studio Suite Xi summarize multiple starts to a master Event or Task record. Users can have several sub- tasks running concurrently, all tied back to one or more Projects;
  • New Call Sheet Option: Studio Suite Xi adds a new call sheet optimized for smaller productions;
  • Refreshed Web Glancer: This read-only, web-accessible component of Studio Suite Xi includes new UI improvements;
  • QuickLog Feature for Mobile Users: As part of the refreshed WebGlancer of Studio Suite Xi, QuickLog for Mobile devices allows staff and freelancers to log their time into Projects from their mobile devices;
  • New Calendar Features:
    • ‘Hold time’ added to the end of an event now appears in Calendar Timeline View;
    • Calendar events can be filtered to show only certain statuses;
    • Improved print functionality;
    • Ability to choose presets in WebDirect and WebGlancer.
  • Improved Quickbooks Integration:
    • Studio Suite Xi’s Projects module can now create Jobs in QuickBooks (to allow the start of the accounting process there) without having to first send an invoice;
    • Invoices previously sent from Studio Suite Xi to QuickBooks can now be updated from Studio Suite Xi to reflect any added, changed or corrected data, including the new ability to void an invoice;
    • The ability to easily view / confirm how the data will be exported to QuickBooks prior to export has been added;
    • “Description Only” line items can now be exported to QuickBooks, for example, the project name now appears as the first line item on an invoice.

Studio Suite Xi: Powerful Features, Elegant Workflow

Released last fall, Studio Suite Xi came out of the gate with many major new features (below), and an elegant new interface. With web and iOS access, Studio Suite Xi extends a studio’s ability to manage critical workflows from the office to the studio, and beyond.  Studio Suite Xi presents a consistent user experience, focused on simplicity and clarity, while delivering cutting-edge features and workflow enhancements that eliminate the challenges of managing contacts, resources, schedules, budgets/actuals, and the thousands of other details that become unwieldy in day-to-day studio operations.

AlterMedia offers three versions of Studio Suite Xi: Solo, Pro, and Network, with web and iOS access available on all Network solutions.

Studio Suite Xi has transformed the studio management workflows for post production studios of all sizes, who leverage a breadth of powerful features including:

  • Web, iOS, and Desktop Accessibility:  Studio Suite Xi is accessible everywhere, creating a seamless experience, transitioning easily between desktop and tablet or smartphone when portability is necessary (web and iOS accessibility is available on Network solutions only).
  • New, Fast, Modern Calendar:  Completely rebuilt, the Calendar includes Resources, Projects, Tasks, Employee Schedules, and Daily Notes, giving users immediate visibility into their workflows and timelines.
  • QuickLog:  Allows staffers and freelancers to log their time into Projects from anywhere, on any device, without occupying a seat license.
  • Enhanced Media Management:  Vastly improved media asset management now includes automatic storage of media assets on a shared server, automatic folder naming, intelligent backups, the ability to link those assets to Contacts and Projects, and the ability to access this data from anywhere.
  • Budget Organization:  Improvements to AICE and AICP Production Budgeting, Project Groupings, and Reporting.
  • Convenient Notifications:  Email, SMS, and Twitter alerts help users stay on top of Projects and Tasks, as well as equipment maintenance issues.
  • Elegant New UI:  A refreshed interface offers a clean, simple and intuitive user experience.

Studio Suite Xi runs on Mac, PC, iOS, and desktop browsers. With the ability to integrate with Final Cut, Avid, Pro Tools, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, MYOB & AccountEdge, Address Book, iCal, and Google Calendar, it syncs and runs cooperatively with many of the other systems you use.

Pricing and Availability

Studio Suite Xi is available immediately as a stand-alone perpetual license, with assisted installation, Annual Support, and customization available. Studio Suite Xi is also available as a more affordable annual license, with a lower cost of entry. For more information on pricing and installation, as well as a Free 30-day trial version, please visit or contact AlterMedia at +1.800.450.5740, or +1.818.955.9550 from outside the US or Canada.

About AlterMedia

AlterMedia is all about creating media. Its employees are a group of digital media artists and engineers who set out to help other artists focus on their creativity. For artists that have a business to run, AlterMedia creates software tools that simplify and organize the chaos of creativity. To learn more, please visit


AlterMedia, Inc. Announces Internet-Accessible Studio Suite Xi

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April 2, 2014

Burbank, CA – AlterMedia announces Studio Suite Xi, the latest update to its leading studio management software. Xi provides users global access to mission-critical information via web browser and iOS devices.

AlterMedia is showcasing this latest development at NAB in Las Vegas, April 7-10, booth SL7424, and expects to be available for purchase within Q2.

“The release of FileMaker 13 and its WebDirect technology allows us to provide a convenient browser interface to our proven & established workflows,” says AlterMedia CEO Joel Stoner. “We’ve incorporated many additional features into Xi, focusing on ease-of-use and extended functionality to a greater number of devices. With this increased accessibility and great new features, we’re looking at significant growth in second and third quarter sales.”

Studio Suite Xi new feature-set includes:

  • Access to view, edit, and create data via web browser.
  • Completely rebuilt, faster calendar.
  • Vastly improved media asset management, including automatic storage of media assets on a shared server, linked to Projects, accessible from anywhere, etc.
  • New light & modern appearance.
  • Major enhancements to Production Budgeting & Reporting, especially for AICE and AICP Budget templates.
  • New “Project Groups” feature allows cross-grouping of related Projects for budgeting and actualizing purposes. Includes Summary reports for Internal and Client use.
  • Includes all AICE & AICP items with Summary Codes, and now corresponding Rates.
  • Exports AICE & AICP sheets to Excel.
  • Call sheets.
  • Ability to edit Project-Event items ‘in-line’ without opening the Edit Event window (ie., edit Event dates, times, status directly from Projects).
  • Operators added to Project Event Resources are:
    a. Shown in Projects as Resource ( Operator ).
    b. Included in Calendar Views under their own row.
    c. Included in Personnel Reports.
  • Rebuilt QuickLog module makes it easier to quickly add multiple items to multiple Projects.
  • Projects contain calculated (based on actual bookings) and human defined Start and End dates, offering flexibility and accuracy.
  • Projects contains a “Price Target” field, which allows a calculation showing how close the existing Project line items get to the Target, and what the Target Difference is.
  • Project and Task Notifications via email.
  • Revised “Also-Books” functionality allows non-Bookable items to be added to Equipment Packages and Collections.
  • Faster / easier way to create Rates for Equipment without changing screens, and also a way to create Rates based on the value of the equipment (great for when you are initially entering a bunch of equipment).
  • Check-in/out of equipment via barcode on iOS devices.
  • Notifications for Equipment Maintenance issues.
  • Flexible filtering on Rate screens allows users to apply Rates from different Categories (ie, a Rate from the Category “Shoot Crew” can be applied to a Contact who is in the Category of “People” or “Camera Operators”.
  • More Sorting options in Projects allow you to also sort Events by Budget Code, Status, and Price.
  • More Filtering options in Projects allow you to filter by Sub-Category and Status.
  • Added ability to globally change the Start or End Date of filtered Events in Projects, similar to the “Slide” feature in Projects and the Set Start/End Times.
  • “Capture to PDF” in Project Budgets allows users to save a snapshot of a budget at any time. These PDFs are automatically saved on the Attach tab within each Project.
  • New “Link Existing Contact” easily stitches together related records in Contacts.
  • In Contacts List Tab, the “Variable Field” menus will now retain selection values from session to session, and also includes more options (and also works better for those that imported data from earlier version of SSX).
  • Main Menu Dashboard filters by Project.
  • Improved Web Glancer Calendar.
  • Addition of QuickLog module to Web Glancer.
  • Improved Web Request.
  • Faster Event “Multiply” picker.

Studio Suite Xi is a powerful, completely customizable business management tool, crafted for the needs of cutting-edge production facilities that consistently produce a high-volume of content on time and on budget. It tracks and manages contacts, budgeting, scheduling, projects, invoicing, library & labels, media assets, equipment & media inventories, communications, maintenance, and more.

Studio Suite Xi integrates with Final Cut, Avid, Pro Tools, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, MYOB & AccountEdge, Address Book, iCal, Outlook, etc..

Solo, Pro, Network versions available. Internet and iOS access available on Network installs.


To learn more about this update, please contact:

Alex Ballar, Media Relations
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd., #830
Burbank, CA 91505
Office: (818) 955-9550 x105
Fax: (818) 955-9660
[email protected]

January 24, 2014 – Studio Suite X SOLO Now Available!

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Burbank, CA
In conjunction with NAMM, and following up on the release of Studio Suite X 10.1, AlterMedia Inc announces Studio Suite SOLO, the latest version of their leading Studio Management Software. SOLO is aimed at freelancers, home studios, hobbyists & students that desire a full-featured studio management software that they can grow into, at a price they can afford.
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December 16, 2013 – Studio Suite X Updates to 10.1

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Burbank, CA December 16, 2013

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AlterMedia, Inc. announces a significant update to Studio Suite X (v10.1). Extending upon its established workflows for audio/visual post-production management, this release supports the needs of production companies by bringing into focus production budgeting and AICE/AICP templates that role up into actualized summary reporting, then out to invoices.

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November 5, 2012 – Studio Suite X Releases!

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AlterMedia, Inc. Releases Studio Suite X

Comprehensive solution for today’s studio management & creative production workflows.

November 5, 2012 (Burbank, CA) AlterMedia, Inc., developer of Studio Suite, the leading studio management software, announces the shipping release of Studio Suite X. This major update packs over 100 new features, starting with a slick new appearance, iPhone and iPad access, sync to Google calendar, SMS Messaging & Notifications, and deep integration with desktop applications. Continue reading “November 5, 2012 – Studio Suite X Releases!” »

April 16, 2012 – Studio Suite X Announced!

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For more information, please contact: Alex Baller or Joel Stoner @ +1.800.450.5740 or +1.818.955.9550 (outside the U.S. or Canada) or email [email protected].

AlterMedia, Inc. Announces Studio Suite X

April 16th, 2012 (Burbank, CA) At NAB 2012, (booth SL7410), AlterMedia, Inc., developer of Studio Suite, the leading studio management software, will be demonstrating the all new Studio Suite X. This major update has over 50 new features, starting with a slick new appearance, iPhone and iPad access, sync to Google calendar, and deeper integration with desktop applications.

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