December 16, 2013 – Studio Suite X Updates to 10.1

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Burbank, CA December 16, 2013

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AlterMedia, Inc. announces a significant update to Studio Suite X (v10.1). Extending upon its established workflows for audio/visual post-production management, this release supports the needs of production companies by bringing into focus production budgeting and AICE/AICP templates that role up into actualized summary reporting, then out to invoices.

This new version of Studio Suite X is specifically designed to simplify data entry and job costing, while enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Studio Suite X leads the industry with a comprehensive studio and production management solution that connects a full-featured CRM with project management, reporting, invoicing, media assets, equipment inventories and bar-codes, communications, maintenance and more. It integrates with Google Calendar, iCal, QuickBooks, Pro Tools, Final Cut, AddressBook, iPhone, iPad etc., and is user-customizable, affordable and networkable across Mac, PC, and iOS platforms.

“The line between Production and Post-Production is blurring,” says CEO Joel Stoner, “and this new release spans the range. This new functionality puts the powerful business structure of Studio Suite X at the very beginning of the pre-production and budgeting processes and allows production teams to keep every detail in focus, until the final frame is delivered and the final payment is received.”

The update is free to all Studio Suite X users currently on Annual Support.

A partial list of what’s new in v10.1:

  •      Integrated production budgeting and reporting, including AICE and AICP budget templates, (includes codes, rates, live summary and client reports)
  •      Project Grouping
  •      Call Sheets
  •      Improved QuickLog (adds multiple items to multiple projects on one screen)
  •      Simplified data entry
  •      Assignment of Operators to resources, with cross-calendar visibility
  •      Project and Task notification via email


To learn more about this update, or download a trial version, please visit or contact:

Alex Ballar
Office: (818) 955-9550 x105
Fax: (818) 955-9660
[email protected]

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