November 5, 2012 – Studio Suite X Releases!

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AlterMedia, Inc. Releases Studio Suite X

Comprehensive solution for today’s studio management & creative production workflows.

November 5, 2012 (Burbank, CA) AlterMedia, Inc., developer of Studio Suite, the leading studio management software, announces the shipping release of Studio Suite X. This major update packs over 100 new features, starting with a slick new appearance, iPhone and iPad access, sync to Google calendar, SMS Messaging & Notifications, and deep integration with desktop applications.

Studio Suite is a powerful business tool that tracks and manages contacts, budgeting, scheduling, projects, invoicing, library & labels, media assets, equipment & media inventories, communications, maintenance, and more. It is a comprehensive software package that integrates with Final Cut, Avid, Pro Tools, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, MYOB & AccountEdge, Address Book, iCal, Outlook, etc.. It is user-customizable, affordable and networkable across Mac, PC, and iOS platforms.

As production and post-production become more and more distributed, it’s obvious that the production management software needs to be distributed as well. Studio Suite X includes full- fledged iPhone and iPad apps, allowing users to make updates to the data, regardless of their location.

Users are also looking for a management solution that has a powerful back end, with a free, easily-accessible front end. This is where Studio Suite meets Google calendar – bookings that are entered in Studio Suite can now be auto-synced with Google Calendar, and changes made there are fed back into Studio Suite.

“We’ve added so much to this release in terms of features, functionality, and ease of use. We’re really proud of it,” states AlterMedia CEO Joel Stoner. “It has a stunning new interface, iPad & iPhone apps, deep integration with other applications, and free calendar access (via Google Calendar), so this a no-brainer upgrade. If you’re not already a Studio Suite user, you will want to be soon.”

Additional new features of SSX include: improved equipment rental workflow, equipment depreciation, improved Budgeting with integrated AICE and AICP budgets, more flexible rate & discount structures, enhanced Web Glancer and Web Request, extended integration with other applications, links to training videos on each screen, functionality in 10 languages, overall faster and easier operation, and much more.

After 15 years, AlterMedia continues to be the leader in studio management software, with over 6,000 users at more then 1,400 facilities in over 40 countries. The user-base includes leading production & post production companies, broadcast networks, rental houses, music studios, Fortune 500 corporations, local, state, and federal governments and military, even including students & hobbyists.

Grow your business with Studio Suite X!!

For more information, please contact: Alex Baller or Joel Stoner @ +1.800.450.5740 or +1.818.955.9550 (outside the U.S. or Canada) or email[email protected].

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