Studio Suite Xi coming Sept. 9

Why You Need Studio Suite Xi.

Studio Suite X SOLO
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Studio Suite is the leading studio management
software, tracking managing contacts, resources,
schedules, projects, budgets, invoices, media assets,
labels, equipment, and media inventories,
communications, maintenance, and much more...
all in one comprehensive, customizable, cross-platform

Studio Suite Xi features a completely revamped
appearance, access via iPhone and iPad, complete
integration with Google Calendar, QuickBooks Online,
push notifications, and many additional
workflow enhancements.
The office group automates all of your daily office activities.
The powerful Contacts module displays linked information
about each contact, including past and current projects,
invoices, financial history, reels, titles, and communications.
No other contact manager is so uniquely designed for the
audio/video/media production industry.
The studio group keeps track of everything in your studio environment.
The Events module documents what happens (setups, breaks, etc.)
during each individual session, and generates all the necessary
paperwork, if you still insist on using paper.
The tech group keeps track of the Rooms in your facility, their phone
extensions, power outlets, breakers, and pictures. Link each piece of
Equipment to a Room, along with details like serial numbers, costs, connectors, etc.

Experience the leading Studio Management software.

Customizable, cross-platform and networkable, secure.

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Joel at NAB 2014

Our Founder & CEO talks studio management.Watch here

Studio Suite X SOLO

Studio Suite X SOLO is now available!Learn More

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